PSC products available through Alberta Business Supplies include: Magellan 220VS

  • Magellan 2300HS
  • Magellan 8500 SurroundScan Scanner/Scale
  • Magellan 8200 High Performance Slimline Scanner/Scale
  • Magellan 8100 Scanner/Scale
  • Single Cable RS232
  • IBM 46XX
  • Duet Dual Action Scanner
  • VS800 Compact Scanner
  • PowerScan and PowerScan RF Handheld Barcode Scanners
  • PSC Cable Listing for Handhelds
  • QuickScan 6000 Laser Scanner
  • PowerWedge Decoders
  • TopGun/PT 2000 Series
  • QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager Handheld Scanner
  • Falcon Series
  • PowerScan RF Integration

For further information regarding products and availability please contact us.

There are no products listed under this category.

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