2 1/4" x 75FT (1.5") CORELESS BPA FREE Grade A Thermal Debit Rolls 50/Case

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 2 1/4" x 75ft CORELESS Thermal Debit Paper Rolls (Item# 20206-11) are perfect for all credit card terminals, cash register or point of sale receipt printers for restaurants, retails stores, medical and law offices or any other transaction based business. The Alberta Business Supplies 2 1/4" x 75ft CORELESS Debit Rolls Item# 20206-11 are the longest Debit Rolls in the industry. Better for the Environment, the plastic tube in the centre of the roll has been eliminated and has been replaced by an additional 15 feet of paper per roll.  Bright White, BPA Free,Thermal Paper with red end of roll warning, 3 feet from the end.  Our 75 Foot Coreless Debit Rolls save you time and money, more footage means you won't have to replace your roll as often. 2 1/4" x 75ft (1.5") Coreless BPA FREE Grade A Thermal Rolls, 100 Rolls/Per Case. This universal roll will fit in all the new wireless machines using; 30ft, 44ft, 49ft, 50ft, 60ft, 62ft or 65ft foot rolls. Our new universal roll gives you 75 Feet of paper per roll. Also know as part # 395-2250-075C


  • Roll Width: 2 1/4" (57mm)
  • Length: 75 Feet (22.8m)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • End of Roll Warning stripe
  • 50 rolls per case 

Alberta Business Supplies 75' Coreless Debit Rolls (Item #20206-11) fit; Debit and Till printers like, Casio CE-T100, Casio PCR-T465, Casio PCR-T2000, Casio TE-2000, Casio TE-3000, Casio TE-4500, Casio TE-7000, Casio TE-8500 Celerex CX 1000 Remote Terminal Citizen CBM262, CBM270 EBW Auto Stik 950 EMCO/Wheaton Tank Monitor II, Epson Mobilink Wireless Mobile Printer - TM-P60 Exadigm Mobile Mate, Desk Mate, iNet Mate, XD1000, XD2000, XD2100SP Hypercom I.C.E.4000, Hypercom I.C.E.4000CE, Hypercom I.C.E.5000, Hypercom I.C.E.5500, Hypercom I.C.E. 5700, Hypercom I.C.E. 6500, Hypercom I.C.E.7000 Hypercom T7P-T, Keycorp K23, Keycorp K26, LinkPack 3000, 9000, 9100 MagIC 6000 Nissan Monitor Nurit 2080, Nurit 2085, Nurit 2090, Nurit 3000, Nurit 3010, Nurit 3020, Nurit 5000, Nurit 504, Nurit 505 Omni 3200 series, Omni 3210, Omni 3300, Omni 3350, Omni 3700, Omni 3730, Omni 3740, Omni 3750, Omnipak, Printpak 350, Printpak 355 Omniprint J.C. 1160 Series, OM20 Optimum Series M2100, Optimum Series T2100 Royal Alpha 583CX, Royal Alpha 600SC, Royal Alpha 9155SC Samsung ER-650, Samsung ER-650R, Samsung ER-650SS, Samsung ER-5200, Samsung ER-5215, Samsung ER-5240 Schlumberger MagIC 6000, MPT/ICC SII Sharp 01PU, Sharp 01PU, Sharp ER-A450T, Sharp UP-700, Sharp XE-A201, Sharp XE-A202, Sharp XE-A302 Standard Register S40 Talento Dassault Veeder Root TLS350 Verifone Omni 3200, Verifone Omni 3210, Verifone Omni 3300, Verifone Omni 3350, Verifone Omni 3740, Verifone Omni 3750, Printer 350, Verifone Printer 355, Verifone Printer Tranz 420, Vx 510, Vx570 and Moneris 6200 Terminal ,Moneris 8200 Wireless ,Moneris Vx810 ,Vx810 Duet, Vx820 Duet , Ingenico iCT220 iCT250 i8550 TT41 TT42, iwL250, iwL252, iwL255, iCT250Desk/5000 Move/5000TD Freedom V Terminal, Ingenico iCT 220, Ingenico iCT 250,Ingenico EFT 930S-L, Ingenico EFT 930S, Ingenico iWL 250, IWL220, IWL-220, IWL 220, Verifone V400m, vx675, vx690,Ingenico iCT 220, Ingenico iCT 250, Ingenico EFT 930S-L, Ingenico EFT 930S
Ingenico iWL 200, 220, 222, 250, 252, Verifone VX520, Verifone VX680, VX820
Freedom V Terminal,  vx810 duet,S80 Terminal.Moneris 8300, TDFreedom IV, Freedom V and Generation, Noire, Black Magic 510, 510C, 510g, 510h, 510w, 20206, 20206-11, or Any New wireless machine.


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